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About Us

BeyondFM is a community of expert consultants who specialise in the delivery of Infrastructure, Operations and Technology solutions. We develop business processes that improve performance, reduce operational risk and alleviate facilities and real estate leaders of the change management stress generally associated with establishing competitive workplaces and learning environments.

Our Vision

Every one of our client engagements is seen as collaborative effort and partnership, with the end “product” being a synergistic result. At the end of the engagement both the consultant and the client should walk away with a greater sense of purpose and direction. 


Unlike many other management consultancies, we know that our clients have 90% of the answers and that we are not necessarily expert in your business. We prefer to think that our subject matter expertise, global experience and extremely diverse and broad based business acumen brings our clients greater clarity in their decision-making processes.


  • Strategic Sourcing

  • FM Consulting

  • Program Management

  • Technology Solutions 

  • Technology Audits

  • Facilities Audits

  • ​Project Management

  • ​Strategic Planning​

  • ​Coaching/ Workshops

  • Asset Management

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Privacy Statement

BeyondFM is a vendor neutral provider of strategic consulting solutions. We do not subscribe to, support, or endorse any one specific product or service. We invest in our client's future by working with them to find the optimal solution which meets current and future strategic initiatives and operational requirements