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BeyondFM is a Facilities Management advisory firm providing solutions to companies within their Facility Service and RE/FM functions. Our market sectors include Higher Education, Banking and Finance, Technology, Logistics, Retail, Health and the Public Sector. Our team leverages extensive market research, refined technology, and mature strategic planning/sourcing solutions to assist our clients in achieving higher levels of performance, cost savings and efficiency.


BeyondFM works in partnership with Facilities Leaders, Service Providers, Strategic Sourcing Managers, Technology Firms and related disciplines, together with consulting subject matter experts. Our focus is to provide customised solutions to enable firms of various sizes to improve service delivery, optimise performance and reduce cost, while delivering continuous improvement strategies.


At BeyondFM, we subscribe to the philosophy that complex problems do not require complex solutions. We work in collaboration with our clients to deliver practical solutions to everyday problems.


BeyondFM delivers a network of exceptional resources and experienced management professionals with a wealth of knowledge in helping businesses improve core functions in critical areas that include performance optimisation, sales & growth planning, strategic sourcing, technical writing and related functions.  Our Subject matter Experts provide an added level of expertise and focus on critical areas for our clients business, bringing a heightened level of awareness and expertise, providing added value in the performance of our work.


To learn more, access our calendar and request a meeting or schedule a free phone consult to briefly review our capabilities and how they might align with your core business needs. You can also download our corporate brochure here.


Our Model

An Execution Focus


Irrespective of the kind of business environment, our clients continue to address challenges in three categories-Infrastructure, Operations and Technology. The focus of BeyondFM’s services is solely based on helping Facilities and Real Estate leaders execute business and technology initiatives and achieve results expected by top-management.

Over the years, we have served clients on complex initiatives and have delivered excellent results. Our Execution Model differentiates us from other professional services firms and enables us to deliver greater value to clients.

Delivering Superior Value


The BeyondFM Service Execution Model brings together different capabilities under one umbrella, thus delivering a much greater value to clients. Leveraging proven program management methodologies, BeyondFM is capable of executing on initiatives from start to finish. Our approach involves consulting teams with strong industry and domain experience to address a host of business issues such as implementation strategies, roadmaps, process reengineering, organisational design, change management or technology delivery under one single global program management framework.


Seamless Partnership

  • Consulting teams with deep industry, domain and management backgrounds 

  • Subject Matter Experts with relevant technology and process backgrounds

  • One-team approach consisting of unified program management and governance models, delivering seamless, turnkey execution.

  • Minimal learning curve and better knowledge transfer since client and project experience is resident within one team.

  • Lower client management overhead and superior collaboration between business sponsors, CRE and Facilities Groups, and IT organisations.

  • Better controls, visibility and flexibility throughout the engagement

  • Better alignment and delivery since client personnel and BeyondFM consultants pursue a common set of objectives.

Higher Success Rates and Lower Total Costs

  • Consulting teams with the right experience, low overhead and efficient execution approach resulting in lower costs.

  • Optimal leverage of global partnerships and knowledge delivering true lower costs.

  • Multi-year partnerships render institutionalised knowledge and relationships, resulting in higher success rates and lower total costs of implementation and maintenance.

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Privacy Statement

BeyondFM is a vendor neutral provider of strategic consulting solutions. We do not subscribe to, support, or endorse any one specific product or service. We invest in our client's future by working with them to find the optimal solution which meets current and future strategic initiatives and operational requirements