Our Consulting Model

We redefined consulting to make it better for clients and better for consultants. We analyse every project and hand-picked a team of experienced freelance consultants to tackle it. For clients, that means tailored expertise at highly competitive rates. For consultants, it’s the freedom to focus purely on client issues. Simple in principle, radical in practice.


Our clients know what they want to achieve, and we offer them tailored teams of experienced consultants – typically twice as experienced as comparable teams from traditional firms. Working across strategy, operations, technology and organisation, they ensure the transformational project is owned by the client, and so are its outcomes. All at highly competitive rates.


Our independent consultants, free from the internal demands and politics of traditional firms, can focus on what really matters: delivering lasting impact. Our consultants opt into the projects they really want to work on, committing wholeheartedly to delivering transformational change for our clients, while being part of a strong team of like-minded professionals.

Our Clients

We have worked with over 300 Clients throughout the world including many of the F500 listed companies.

Our client list includes:-

  • Higher Education

  • Banking and Finance

  • Government (Federal and State)

  • NFP's

  • Retail

  • Utilities

  • Logistics and Transport

Our Consultants

Our independent consultants are free to concentrate on what they do best. Because they are not aligned with any one vendor or major consulting firm, they are not subject to the day to day sales grind that reduces their innovative work to a "billable rate". 


Our consultants are well known subject matter experts with years (even decades) of experience in their relevant fields. They are committed whole-heartedly to delivering transformational change within your organisation. 

Our consultants don't just produce a finished "product". They go on the journey with you to ensure sustainable change.

Our Projects

BeyondFM projects are all about transformational change. We have worked with some of the largest organisations in the world, delivering sustainable change that has translated into billions of dollars in measurable savings.

We have worked hard to deliver our projects to ensure that our clients become reference-able and repeatable.

No matter what type of project, BeyondFM supports you to resolve your needs in a timely and cost effective way.

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Privacy Statement

BeyondFM is a vendor neutral provider of strategic consulting solutions. We do not subscribe to, support, or endorse any one specific product or service. We invest in our client's future by working with them to find the optimal solution which meets current and future strategic initiatives and operational requirements