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Implement your FM Initiatives With Our Help

As a busy Facility or Property Manager, making strategic plans or implementing your initiatives or workplace strategy usually takes a back seat to the day-to-day requirements and pressures of supporting your firm's occupancy needs.

Using a Consultant is a well-accepted business practice, even within your firm, so you should also take advantage of external resources that can help you be more successful.

With real practical experience in Facilities Management and a network of other specialists, we can help you deliver and help your team succeed. We don’t just give advice; we get it done for you.

Questions You Need to Ask

  • Are you doing the right things?

  • Are you doing them well?

  • Do you have enough information to know for sure?

  • Do you know what needs to be changed or improved?

  • Do you have the resources or the time to plan and implement improvements?

A "No" to any one of these questions means that you should be engaging a Consultant to help achieve your initiatives

Why use a Consultant?

  • Engaging a Consultant is easy. Especially compared to hiring staff or procuring Facilities services.

  • Other organizations have completed initiatives or had business cases approved with our help because their resources are stretched thin or their staff didn’t have the necessary background.

  • Our customers are knowledgeable and skilled FM’s – our role is to help you implement your initiatives and support your strategic and leadership planning.

  • Other departments in your company, including your executives, use consultants for the same reason.

Why BeyondFM Consulting?

  • We bring over 30 years of practical experience on all sides of the industry, as in house FM specialists, FM Leaders, Service Providers, FM Technologists with and as a consultants to small and large organisations.

  • We focus on your initiatives, isolated from the day-to-day politics and drag on your time so you can make progress and get results.

  • Active in the FM, CRE and IT industry, we see a very broad range of solutions and approaches you may not be exposed to, and can bring them forward to support your initiatives.

  • As a high profile thought leader in the industry and as an external 3rd party, the initiatives we work on for you will gain better acceptance and more weight within your organisation.

How Can We Help?

As a strategic Facilities Management Consulting firm, we focus on the key areas that get results for you and your company.


We support you with our experience, resources and most importantly with time you and your team don’t have.

Training & Development

FM & general training, facilitation, coaching, team events and team development

Technology Strategy
Development of FM Technology Strategy, architecture, audits and implementation plans
Procurement/ Suppliers
RFP Procurement, outsourcing decision, service contract reviews
Planning & Strategy

Strategic Planning, procedures, organisation design, FM System implementation

Performance Optimisation
Operations assessment, organisation design, process procedures and benchmarking
Asset & Capital

Capital planning, life cycle, processes, CAFM Systems, asset management

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Start your initiative and get the results you want. Improve Results with our leading practices and years of proven experience developing and implementing solutions for clients. Add our external resources to develop and implement initiatives while you focus on day-to-day issues.

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